January 27, 2016

Falls Base Packing List: Foraging in Spring

When the snow melts and runs off into the creeks and streams, the sounds of raging waters and birds hangs in the air. Tucked away in the mountains and valleys encompassing the Lake Tahoe are some of California's most beautiful waterfalls.

Many of the trails meander through blossoming foliage and colossal forests, teaming with a splendid array of animal life, eventually find their way to these tempests. To stand at the base of these waterfalls and gaze heavenward is a breathtaking experience.

To get the most out of spring time exploration we recommend packing for cold, but planning for bright clear skies and lots of exercise!

Hiking Gear

  • Hiking or walking boots! Never know where the adventure will take you, so having water resistant, weatherproof, well supported hiking boots is a plus!
  • Durable jackets and snow clothing with a few layers underneath (Check out REI for more ideas). Even though its spring, there may still be some snow patches throughout your adventure.
  • Backpack for storing any shedded apparel layers (If your phone/gps isnt waterproof bring a case or bag that is).

Food and Water

Every adventurer has a different style but we prefer to go for protein, energy and hydration first! Pack plenty of water or if you can, a filtered water bottle is perfect for staying light.

Camera (Phone works too)

Capture each moment and tag us on your Instagram using #TahoeAndPlay! we love seeing our adventurers in their wild element.